Selling your property can be a time consuming, expensive and unpredictable experience even for the most knowledgeable seller. As the UK property market shows positive signs of growth, this equally means a tougher climate for sellers as competition increases. We are also entering an era where property sales are more commonly occurring online with the increase in sellers opting to sell privately or through an online agent, thus creating a more saturated market of properties.

In order to help guide sellers through this potentially tricky process we have compiled a summary of our top tips for selling your house.

Tip One: Prepare you home for the valuation

In order to get the best possible price, ensure the interior decorating really is adding value. If you’re a hands on DIY’er then rolling up your sleeves and filling those holes and painting your rooms with neutral pallet can aid the perception of space. This also allows the buyers to visualize their furniture in your property without the stress of having to redecorate before they moving in. If you aren’t so DIY savvy, shop around for a local decorator to do it for you!

Tip two: Choosing the right estate agent

There are three choices for estate agents; firstly and most commonly chosen is the traditional estate agent; secondly is the online agent and finally is private selling. Depending upon your experience and for online marketing, it may be well worth shopping around for quotes from online agents. Traditional agents charge between 1.5 – 2% with many online agents offering the same service for an average flat fee of £450. All you have to do is the viewings. Online search engines can offer you excellent results for local agents for example by searching; estate agents in Burgess Hill.

Tip three: Market your home effectively

If you are to be showing buyers around your property, think out the order in which you would like to show the rooms and the benefits of the local community. Allow buyers to enter the room first and you follow, this allows for better viewing.

Tip four: How to negotiate an offer

Even if the offer you receive is far below what you would be prepared to sell for, do not immediately dismiss and take it personally. Instead, indicate the price region you would be more prepared to sell for.

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